Adeleye, Okhae Adeoye

My Role as an Alumnus to my Alma Mater and Alumni Association
Written by: Adeleye, Okhae Adeoye (Blue House, 2010 set)

Our Dear College,
Federal Government College, Ikom
Our School Most Dear.
To the Principal and His staff,
We pledge our loyalty and cheer,
Honesty, Hardwork our pledge,
We shall fight to bring you fame.

To our Fatherland, Nigeria
We bow with deep respect,
And promise to be in our lifetime,
The best Nigeria may desire,
Unity for us all,
We shall fight to bring you fame.
Our Dear College,
Federal Government College, Ikom.
We hail and adore thee.

As I stood in the Ntufam J.A Ebam hall, in my white shirt and maroon trousers, singing “Our Dear College” for the last time as a student of this prestigious school, I could not help but drift back to the first time I sang those words. It was a wet Monday morning, muddy as ever. I was a child coming into a new environment, far from home. I was anxious and quite troubled. Standing with the other pink and maroons, we sang the anthem as best as we could. As I sang week in and week out, the anxiety began to fade as the words evoked a sense of community and mutual goal. PRO UNITATE. A goal to be the best we could be and bring fame to our school. Over the course of my 6 year stay, each time we went out for a competition, either on the field or at the books, we carried the pride of the school on our backs. As we wore our uniforms and won prizes, we were not just bringing fame to ourselves but to our school. As a dignified Alumnus of a school that molded me into who I am today, my duty has not diminished. In fact, it has increased.

My first role as an Alumnus is to NOT forget. To NOT forget the training I received. To NOT forget the people who trained me. To NOT forget the people I trained with. To NOT forget that character and learning go together. It is easy for one to dismiss the past and move on to the future but to do so is to insult those who have brought us thus far. As Bernard of Chatres pointed out, we see more and farther than others, not because of our keen sight or greater height but because we are lifted up and borne aloft on the shoulders of giants. Our giant is Federal Government College, Ikom.

Secondly, I must identify with and support my school with my time, skills and finances in its vision to provide quality education and discipline to young minds. As an Alumnus, I must seek to better my Alma Mata and not shift responsibility when she is involved. The Bible says, to whom much is given, much is expected. We have been given so much and it is time to give some back. Moreover, as the Alumni strengthens the school, it enhances the value of our academic qualification.

Thirdly, to serve as a role model to those coming behind me and support them in their endeavours. Furthermore, we are to act as ambassadors and evangelists of the school, praising its laudable achievements and attracting prospective students.

Lastly, I am to foster Unity and fellowship among Alumni members. As an association with a common goal, Unity is our strongest tool to achieve those goals and see our school lifted up. PRO UNITATE. I would sum up my role in these words, “To continue to honour my school through honesty, unity and hardwork, bringing fame and prestige to this famous college.”

Thank You.

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