Enyi Hocaha Francis

My Role as an Alumnus to my Alma Mater and Alumni Association
Written by: Enyi Hocaha Francis (Pink House, 2010 set)

The face of high schools in the last 10years has changed drastically. The fierceness in the competition is at its highest yet, with battle grounds ranging from learning environments and infrastructure to external examination performance and competition presence. And with the surge in numbers in the privately owned schools, the number of competitors has rapidly increased. And for us, like the Great Titanic it seems our best stories ever told are stories of the past long gone. Can anything be done to bring back the glory of the "maroon legacy"?

"We shall fight to bring you fame" this sentence found in the school anthem gives me the feeling of being a knight. These words have become the backbone of my alumni commitment. But is this feeling enough? Am I (on my own) enough? Is there something "little me" can do to salvage the situation? Or is it just a hopeless fight? But I find courage! When I remember that where I was trained, I was not alone I find courage. So like a shining star I know there are others like me so I must connect to my galaxy, like a bee I must connect to my hive, the generation of heroes like me - The Alumni Association. I refuse to take this personal, no! Not yet. "We" shall fight to bring her fame.

However, before I can thrust my heart to this mission and accomplish my vow to my Alma-Mata I must rid myself of my doubts - this I consider a noble duty I owe her. I must embrace the idea that "the beautiful ones are not yet born" and disregard my fears that “the golden generation are long gone”. I must believe that the heights attained 1994 - when we shocked the nation was not a fluke and it can be done again. I owe my Alma-Mata the positivity she thought me. I must quit poisoning the hearts of parents that "she has lost her glory".

Nevertheless, my zeal and will in this challenging time find expression even as I stand with Bobby Unser when he said "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet". I believe one missing ingredient (which I can provide) in the recent mix is the exposure and motivation to explore opportunities. I believe with sufficient exposure to more emerging frontiers we will surely reestablish the legacy. While strengthening our performances at the Olympiad National Mathematics competition and Cowbell Mathematics competition we must expand our scope of influence to other emerging frontiers and stamp our huge prints in them. As an Applied Mathematician/Software developer, I can offer coaching and mentoring of students who have displayed natural disposition to mathematics and science. This way I can take some seeds back to the sands that made me great.

Furthermore, it is imperative that we look beyond science-based competitions. There are other frontiers which we are yet to mark our presence in, especially in the art sector. A little visit to the visual art department will leave almost anyone stunned at the exhibits ranging from fabric works to sketches and paintings of all sorts that emerged from averagely managed pupils. It is about time we created our own battle grounds and strongholds especially in the art sector where very little competition has begun, even as we continue to upgrade our laboratories to meet the competition requirements set by other schools. Like Njideka Akunyili Crosby who made a painting record sale of over $ 1 Million, with proper "marketing" by the association these exhibits can bring fame to out dear Alma-Mata. These little pupils can staged-up for greatness. I believe that I can infect these pupils with the think-big virus that was infected me and has made me great.

Finally, I admit my inadequacies in the face of these daunting tasks. On my own, these are tasks I can categorize as either herculean or outright impossible tasks to accomplish. But as I reconnect with my kind, these will just be steps away from fruition. I brace-up myself again, With the strength that come with numbers, this time I do not come alone, I come with a pack of my kind, chanting our vow of commitment - We shall fight to bring you fame!

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