Essien George George

My Role as an Alumnus to my Alma Mater and Alumni Association
Written by: Essien George George (Green House, 2010 set)

I've always known that everyone has a huge part to play in the lives of those surrounding them, those of whom they have an influence on and of whom influences them (this I mean in the positive sense), and I not being an exemption. Even as it is written and I quote " To whom much is given much is required “, I realise that most of my life's experience, lessons, knowledge was gained when I was at FGC Ikom and of which can be harnessed and passed down for optimal use of students in my alma mata even as the younger generations are coming up. What do I mean?

Once upon a time, a mother and principal taught me that " CHARACTER AND LEARNING GO TOGETHER”. This knowledge which has helped me to build strong character and to stand out amongst my peers even in my current institution of study can be passed down. Not only this knowledge but also experiences, mistakes, achievements through visiting, seminars, series of educational for a can guide the students. By this I mean mentoring.

Apart from mentoring I realise that there are so many ways I can give back to my alma mata although it came to me first of all as an issue of signing cheques (of which is very necessary). My donations can go a long way to support scholarships, grants for deserving students who are short of funds. this can add sparkles to their life. In this case I'm helping someone get a valuable asset, a quality education. Also, as an alumnus being fond of my school and its memories I can recreate those memories for the students.

Finally my role as an alumnus cannot be overemphasized because when my alma mata continues to remain a popular and prestigious institution, the value of my degree increases as well. Also to play this role effectively I must think F.G.C Ikom...

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