Akpan Benedict Christopher

My Role as an Alumnus to my Alma Mater and Alumni Association
Written by: Akpan Benedict Christopher (Green House, 2011 Set)

A wise man once wrote that " it was not the years in a man's life that mattered, rather the life in his years". Looking back at the years in retrospect, and the quality times I spent as a student of Federal Government College IKOM (F.G.C. IKOM), the memories have been too fond to be forgotten. Even as I introspect on my life now, I have come to realise that I am better off since my school days because of the fact that I was opportune to attend a wonderful school as Federal Government College IKOM. Hence, it is only genial to give back something as a form of gratitude to my Alma mater for its role in making me what I am today. My only regret however, is that wishes aren't horses otherwise, I would have ridden my Alma mater to the moon.

Nevertheless, those precious memories of school life, with its drills and academic activities have been too sweet not to savour. I have never relented for once, in sharing with people, those very fond memories. I always consider myself a representative/ ambassador of my alma mater and have been assiduous in promoting her reputation by simply sharing the wonderful memories and experiences I had with her, to the world.

My role as an alumnus to my Alma mater is bounded by both nostalgia and gratitude. I feel a moral awareness to give back to my Alma mater by staying strongly connected to the school's environment both emotionally and socially and providing the students with a similar experience. I believe that by mentoring them with shared experiences and being a role model, I will help them benefit and enjoy the same experiences I did during my time there. Also, encouraging these young ones academically as well as counselling and guiding them on a chosen career path.

Hence, as an alumnus, I must be loyal to my Alma mater and its alumni association. The strength and image of the school would improve through the strength of its alumni. Therefore, I need to contribute actively with my time and money to my alumni association. Also, I must encourage school mates and fellow alumni members on the need to be committed to the course of our beloved Alma mater. It would be a thing of pride if I return once again to my Alma mater, and see that its environment had been beautified with grasses, trees and paint, courtesy of its supportive alumni association. Penultimate, my role as an alumnus to my Alma mater and alumni association is to be loyal, and I believe it would be entertaining to see my future children attend the same school as their father.

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